Emergency Appeal for Displaced Afghan Women and Children

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The Taliban are taking over Afghanistan. All international organizations are being forced to leave.

For the sake of humanity and the well-being of the displaced, we urge you to help and support us. We are connected with trusted Local Afghan organizations on the ground who are caring for the most vulnerable. Your donation will be used to give food, clean water, shelter, and cash assistance to families that have lost their homes. Your donation makes a huge difference and provides relief to those in need. Thousands of families are homeless, and our partners are desperately trying to source accommodation for those they can and supplies to make living on the streets easier for the rest.

  • You can make a difference by donating today
    • $80 is the difference between living on the street or not; it is the cost of rent for a house in Kabul for one month.
    • Displaced women need basic supplies.
    • $100 is a place to rest; it’s how much it costs to buy four mattresses for families who have fled to Kabul to escape the fighting.
    • Available food is fast diminishing.
    • $160 keeps a family alive for a month: it is the average cost of a food package to feed a family for a month.
    • People have fled with just the clothes on their backs.
    • $200 could keep four families clean and warm; it is the cost of 4 packages of clothes and blankets for people living on the streets with nowhere to rest.

Thousands of families are newly displaced and trying to escape the violence but are stuck at the closed borders of Iran and Pakistan. Hospitals have reached full capacity and can no longer accept patients. The available food supply in the city is fast diminishing, which raises the possibility of an acute food shortage in the coming days, as well as the shortage of medical supplies.

Taliban are closing schools and marrying girls off to Taliban fighters. Girls are publicly beheaded and stoned. It is the worst security situation ever for women and girls in Afghanistan. They once again find themselves prisoners of their gender.

Our local partners are working hard to provide basic support to people right now. Your donation will directly support food, water, and shelter for desperate families.

Thank you for your solidarity with women, families and children facing the fight of their lives.


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