Refugee Participation Pledge


Refugee Participation Pledge

Through this pledge, we seek to foster an enabling environment in which refugees and affected communities engage directly in developing solutions. An inclusive approach will ensure refugee and host communities are treated with dignity, enjoy their rights and do not face discrimination, abuse, exploitation or protracted displacement. We commit to practicing a multi-stakeholder approach, strengthening collaboration between initiatives and other stakeholders to guarantee positive changes in the humanitarian system and refugee response at all levels.

We are asking organizations, governments, funders and interested individuals to consider: How can you support and amplify the voices and impact of refugee-led initiatives in your work?

If you are a refugee or part of an refugee-led organization, we are asking: How can we work together to strengthen our communities so that no one is left behind?

Calls to Action

  • We will be stronger if we work together. If you are an NGO, government or funding body, sign the Refugee Participation Pledge and commit to the meaningful inclusion of refugees in decision-making. APNOR was involved in drafting this pledge as part of the Global Refugee-led Network. To find out more, go to:
  • Get behind the #RefugeesRise Emergency Appeal and make sure refugee-led initiatives on the frontline of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic can get the resources they need and increase their impact. This Appeal is about demonstrating the value of resourcing communities directly.
  • Connect with APNOR on social media and we will share stories and try to connect refugee-led organizations and other stakeholders together. Connect with us through Facebook  or Twitter.
  • If you are a refugee or refugee-led organization, become a member of APNOR. We are looking for more people to get involved so we can be louder, stronger and represent the diversity of refugees in this region. To join APNOR, email: or get in touch with us through social media.

Global Refugee Forum Refugee Participation Pledge (Download Document)


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Asia Pacific Network of Refugees (APNOR) is the only region-wide refugee-led network of refugee-led initiatives in the Asia Pacific region that is working with and for refugees. APNOR was established in 2018, on the recommendation of Asia Pacific Summit of Refugees (APSOR).

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